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Flying Pug Restaurant

A. Ochoa, Flying Pug Restaurant, TX We saved the cost of replacing all of our units except for the one that services the kitchen. Those units are about 20 years old and they're running better than ever. Our customers are happy the restaurant is much cooler, and we saved $600 last month on utilities.

M. Del Debbio

M. Del Debbio, Homeowner, AZ It's been over a year since Liquid SEER was installed and I've seen more than 20% savings on my electricity bill. My bill shows my home in the top most energy efficient homes in my neighborhood.

B. Rodriguez

B.Rodriguez, Homeowner, TX We already see around $98 savings compared to the previous week. Our light bill has been around $780- $860/ mo. Our A/C unit would never cut off, running continuously throughout the day never reaching 77 degrees. Now, we're able to reach 73, 72, 71 with no problems. Which the new 73 inside feels like 70 degrees and now our unit shuts down after a 20 minute run cycle.


J.Potter, Homeowner, TX Before getting Liquid SEER applied to my unit I was afraid to run my unit because of the cost it costs me to run it but now that I've got Liquid SEER I keep it set on 77 and you can definitely feel the difference. I now sleep comfortably at night without worrying about an expensive cost just to be comfortable.

J. Campos

J. Campos Homeowner, TX Since installing Liquid SEER, I have been consuming 15-20 KWH less daily, and the air no longer feels thick and humid.


You want to save energy and money

Liquid SEER can help

Are expensive energy bills forcing you to keep your thermostat set at an uncomfortably high setting? Is your air conditioning unit struggling to keep up with intense summer heat? Does your space constantly feel muggy and damp? Liquid SEER is a cost-effective way to solve problems like these.


Our clients love Liquid SEER for its ability to transform air conditioning systems and improve performance while also saving money. With Liquid SEER it is possible to revive aging and undersized equipment and boost their performance at a fraction of the cost to replace them. Even new, energy efficient equipment can be remarkably improved with our innovative technology.


Liquid SEER chemically bonds a coil on top of your existing coil, enabling it to work more efficiently while using less energy to do so. No matter what equipment you own, with Liquid SEER you can have a cooler home and use less energy at the same time.


Available only through our Certified Installers. Let one of our trained professionals assess your system and design a Liquid SEER optimization plan to satisfy your unique needs.

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Certified Installers

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New Installers are currently being trained

Contact us for more information about becoming a Certified Installer

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