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Liquid SEER can help

Most consumers don't know their air conditioning unit was designed to operate within specific conditions. Equipment EER and SEER ratings are based on equipment operating within certain parameters. Outside of those parameters, equipment performance begins to decline. In fact, many consumers have never heard of equipment derating, but with heat waves sweeping the globe and extreme temperatures setting weather records, most have direct experience with HVAC equipment derating. Whether you realize it or not, derating can contribute to your home feeling uncomfortable and to paying higher utility bills.


An air conditioning unit is designed, and its efficiency is rated while operating under certain ambient temperatures (outdoor temperatures.) Once the ambient temperature rises above a defined limit the efficiency of the unit begins to decrease. In other words, the output capability of that unit decreases linearly in correlation with the increase in ambient temperature.

Most manufacturers design their equipment EER and SEER rating at an outdoor ambient temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity. What does that mean to you as a homeowner? Well, your 18 SEER unit won't perform at the energy efficiency of an 18 SEER unit when outdoor temps rise above 95 degrees and/or 50% humidity. Derating is the reason many homeowners wonder if their air conditioning equipment has failed during a heat wave or complain that their home feels muggy.

Improve Performance

Liquid SEER was designed with the problem of derating in mind. During peak demand when your home needs its air conditioner the most, Liquid SEER’s technology excels by boosting efficiency, enabling equipment to perform under extreme conditions that would normally cause failure. Not only does Liquid SEER provide the boost your equipment needs in extreme working conditions, our groundbreaking technology helps equipment use less energy and work more efficiently all the time. So your home receives more cooling for your money.


Decreased energy usage is great news for our overtaxed power grids, especially since record temperatures have led to recent heatwaves that have threatened infrastructure operations.. Many citizens were asked by their power company to increase the indoor temperature of their home during a heatwave to help protect the grid from failure. With Liquid SEER you could sleep comfortably knowing you've done your part to help decrease demand. With Liquid SEER, your home can stay cool and draw less energy, even in a heatwave.

No matter the age, size or brand of your existing equipment, Liquid SEER can enhance your machine's capacity and increase its performance. If you have been contemplating swapping your current system for a higher SEER one, with Liquid SEER you don't have to. You can get all the benefits of a higher SEER machine by installing Liquid SEER, and enjoy significant savings.

No matter the brand, efficiency, and age of the equipment you own, Liquid SEER can improve its performance to help reduce energy usage.

Easy Installation

Aftermarket coatings for HVAC equipment are not new. They've been around for years to help protect equipment from harsh operating conditions such as corrosive environments (coastal regions with salty air, indoor enclosures with exposure to corrosive chemicals, etc.) However old school coatings often have to be applied at a factory in a process that can be expensive and time consuming. 


Liquid SEER's technology changes the coating game. Not only does Liquid SEER provide superior protection for equipment with an easy field application (no more shipping equipment off and waiting for it to be coated at a factory and then waiting while it is shipped back,) our innovative first-of-its-kind design increases the thermal capacity of equipment to help it perform more efficiently at all times, even in the most harsh operating conditions. 


Liquid SEER coating is applied to your air conditioner's coil, (the part that is designed to remove heat) by a Certified Installer. Depending on the size of home and number of units, most installations can be completed in a single day.

How it Works

Liquid SEER enhances the heat transfer process already happening in your coil, helping it use less energy to create more cooling capacity (known as BTUs or tonnage.) With Liquid SEER's innovative technology a 3-ton air conditioning unit could perform more like a 3.5 ton unit, giving you a boost in performance while consuming less energy.

Conversely, for homeowners with heat pumps, the cooling process is reversed in the winter and heat is directed into your home instead. Liquid SEER increases the efficiency of this process as well, so you reap the benefits year-round.

Save More

With Liquid SEER it is possible to revive aging and undersized equipment and optimize their performance at a fraction of the cost to replace them. Even new, energy efficient equipment can be remarkably improved with Liquid SEER's technology. 


No matter what equipment you own, with Liquid SEER you can have a cooler home and use less energy at the same time.


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