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Black Is Now Green

Increase thermal capacity. Reduce energy costs. Extend the life of equipment. Liquid SEER is a revolutionary black coating that delivers big green benefits to a variety of applications.

Liquid SEER™

Across a broad spectrum of applications, Liquid SEER is able to optimize thermal transfer and increases BTU output per watt of energy consumed to make equipment run better for less energy and money.


Our innovative technology is engineered to be applied aftermarket to components to increase energy efficiency and protect equipment from harsh environmental factors by providing corrosion protection and UV durability with an easy-to-apply coating. Liquid SEER delivers big green benefits for consumers and the planet.

Corrosion Protection

Liquid SEER provides superior

anticorrosion protection.

Tough like no other, Liquid SEER has been salt fog tested to ASTM standards exceeding 10,000 hours. It protects against galvanic corrosion and provides UV durability.


In the past, protection this strong required an expensive and time-consuming factory application. Liquid SEER's speedy and

cost-effective one-part system achieves factory results in the field, so you can experience the benefits of Liquid SEER right away.

Capacity Boost

During peak demand when equipment is most needed and in danger of failing, Liquid SEER’s  technology excels by increasing heat transmission efficiency. It achieves this by boosting capacity of thermal transfer devices in equipment such as heat sinks, radiators, coils, air conditioners, motors and other devices enabling them to perform under extreme conditions that would normally cause equipment failure. Liquid SEER optimizes equipment to create an astounding increase in thermal capacity of the materials it is applied to.

No matter the efficiency of the equipment you own, Liquid SEER can improve it.


Peak Performace

  Liquid SEER optimizes equipment by increasing the thermal capacity of any material it is applied to from ceramics to metals and even plastics. Not simply an anticorrosion coating or a thermal transfer coating, Liquid SEER's revolutionary technology boosts capacity and leads to remarkable increases in energy efficiency.


Whether there is a need to increase the efficiency of a thermal capacity process or to remove heat in a process that currently is not performing well, Liquid SEER can help increase capacity and optimize results.

Discover how Liquid SEER can
benefit you

Liquid SEER residential air conditioning optimization

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After 30 years of expertise in the science of heat transfer, Liquid SEER began looking at the HVAC sector with the goal of introducing green tech that would impact practical change at a scale necessary to address the urgent demands of today. We began with a focus on aftermarket performance optimization to implement rapid relief and revolutionize an industry that has not experienced true innovation in over 100 years.

Liquid SEER creates versatile, practical, easily accessible solutions across sectors. Wherever heat transfer occurs, Liquid SEER can optimize performance.

 Innovative Vision


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