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Industry Transformative

Increase Thermal Capacity

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce Manufacturing Materials

Save Money and the Planet

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"Shade Tree Mechanical Contractors installed Liquid SEER on all of our units and were able to reduce our energy usage significantly year over year. We are so grateful for their generosity and their partnership. We highly recommend their company and Liquid SEER!"


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For Homeowners

No matter what brand of equipment you own Liquid SEER for Residential Heating and Air Conditioning systems can help you save money on utility bills and prolong the life of your equipment.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Dedicated to driving innovation in the HVAC sector and beyond. Beginning with a focus on aftermarket performance optimization to implement rapid relief for peak energy demands.  Liquid SEER is revolutionizing an industry that has not experienced true innovation in over 100 years.

Data-Powered Results

Working to create versatile, practical, accessible solutions across sectors. Liquid SEER has long since moved beyond lab simulations. Tested in real world conditions across a wide ranges of applications from oil fields to commercial high-rise buildings the data proves wherever thermal capacity is needed, Liquid SEER optimizes performance. 

Next Generation Technologies

Discover how Liquid SEER can go to work for you.

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